Mosaic Artist

Vera Belikova

Vera Belikova was born in 1991 in a family of an artist who has passed down to his daughter passion for art. Numerous journeys have also developed in her interest in photography, especially in landscapes. After a graduation in foreign languages she moved to Saint Petersburg. Mosaics of the city on Neva brought back to life her childhood memories about her first mosaic experiences. When Vera was in elementary school her family created in a month a mosaic icon of the Virgin and the Child. The icon was consecrated and is still on view in the Perinatal Centre of Vera’s native town Lipezk.

The desire to try her hands at making mosaics first brought Vera to the Mosaic School ‘Sad Granat’ in Saint Petersburg and later to the worldwide famous italian school ‘Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli’ in Spilimbergo. After three years of studies, Vera graduated from it in 2017 with the title Maestra Mosaicista. During the school years Vera has mastered different mosaic techniques: from the historical copies through the techniques widely used today until their free interpretation. In 2018 she completed her studies by doing the Specialisation course at the same institute and delving into such aspects like mosaic design and planning.

Vera has always been attracted by the idea to promote this artisan craft. In the second year of studies she has organized an exhibition of 25 young mosaic artists in the private Manni Art Gallery on the Lido Island in Venice, and since then has taken part in different art and design events. Currently she is working on her personal art and design projects and is collaborating with the artist Giulio Candussio.

Exhibitions and


iAtelier Online

Programme designed to encourage innovation by integrating new digital fabrication technologies into craft practice
April 2021 - now, Artex (Florence)

In Women’s Hands

Exhibition of female art and design curated by Gisella Borioli
Sep 2020, My Own Gallery/Superstudio Più (Milan)

Craft Lab, Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme

Coordination and organisation of a mosaic workshop as a technical operator
Aug 2019, Gravina di Puglia (Puglia)

Sprech Agorà Design Contest

Winner in category Textile/Irisun Living Textile Design Experience 2018 / F.lli Giovanardi
Oct 2018, Martano (Puglia)

Apulia Land Art Festival

Environmental installations section
Sep 2018, Alberobello (Puglia)


Land art residence
May 2018, Massafra (Puglia)

Pictor Imaginarius

International mosaic contest
May 2018, Nazzano (Lazio)


Mosaic exhibition, homage to Giuliano Borghesan
Dec 2017, Spilimbergo (Friuli)


Mosaic exhibition in Manni Art Gallery
Apr 2016, Venice Lido


Mosaic Exhibition, homage to Roberto Foramitti
Dec 2015, Spilimbergo (Friuli)


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